Winter Climbing Weekends

Heading for steeper routes in the north facing coires of the West Highlands is made much more comfortable by reducing the size of the party. Whilst costing more than a mountaineering course personalised coaching makes for more focussed objectives and basic skills may be introduced en route for more exposed terrain. You will learn how to use the rope securely whatever your previous experience in addition to all the essential movement skills covered on our mountaineering courses.

Course Outline

These shorter courses start by checking the forecasts, your equipment, and understanding what you hope to achieve over the two days. A short journey by car or gondola is a good time to let your instructor know about any recent injuries or medical considerations.

Favourite destinations include the East Ridge of Beinn a’ Chaorainn, the North Face of Ben Nevis, any of the hanging coires in Glencoe, and Aonach Mor. These venues are never crowded but offer safe places to fit crampons and you will practice using your axe to stop a trip becoming a fall. Most climbers expect to work a little harder in bad weather but our teaching emphasises good decision making rather than physical hardship.

Essential skills

Whilst the first day’s journey may be short on miles there will be plenty of interest as our local hills boast some of the most rugged and spectacular scenery in the UK. In addition to efficient rope techniques, you will develop effective strategies for operating in storm conditons, avalanche avoidance and emergency responses. By limiting ratios to 2:1 these courses allow highly differentiated teaching and personalised content.  Occasionally, thaw conditions reduce options for training on ice in which case mixed snow and rock climbs offer opportunities to explore aspects of lead climbing and more advanced techniques in safety.

Sunday’s itinerary begins as soon after breakfast as possible, aiming to be heading down from a summit for 4.30pm at the latest.


We have held our prices at £220.00 per person for a second year. Please email or phone to discuss any aspect of your preparation for this course, but please read our Terms & Conditions and essential equipment pages first. We will send you a booking form to complete and a 10% deposit secures your place.