Steep Sliding: Avalanche Safety Courses

Avalanche Safety Course, Nevis Range

Backcountry Snowboarding and Ski Touring has a rocky history in the West Highlands!

Recent media and retailer interest in backcountry skiing belies the fickle nature of these disciplines. Outfitters offering all-inclusive packages are based in Aviemore and Braemar but the best terrain is on the West. When the snow dumps you don’t want to be faffing with untried equipment or finding you’ve packed too much kit to keep up with your mates. Our avalanche course gives you weightless tools that open your eyes to the opportunities as well as the hazards from our comfortable base near Fort William.

Ice forming since last weekend

Our Avalanche Avoidance Course

Part of any day ski mountaineering, climbing or backcountry snowboarding is spent looking at the strength between different layers of snow. Usually, analysis of the previous days’ snowfall and re-distribution is done before starting out, making best use of the Scottish Avalanche Information Service. See our essential links to these bulletins here.

Backcountry boarding, Tower Gully, Ben Nevis

Day one is spent on Aonach Mor, where we can use the lifts to access the back corries and get an idea of where the group might want to go the next day. The way we do this is to spend some time fitting and using crampons before heading up the nearest slope. So long as everyone is able to climb and talk at the same time, we’re good to go.

Backcountry boarders, ski patrollers and climbers have much to learn from each other’s perspective so these avalanche courses may be run as workshops, tours or backcountry powder missions! Guiding on Ben Nevis and Patrolling at Nevis Range means you benefit from our direct experience and innovative teaching tools. Rather than encouraging dependency on experts, our courses give you the skills to explore the backcountry in safety.