Insurance & our Duty of Care

Victorian Risk Assessment

All West Highland Guides hold Professional Liability Insurance against negligence to £5,000,000 They will hold one or more of the following UK qualifications MIC, MIA, WML or BMG and will have spent many years under training and assessment.

Skye Mountain Guide

Some mountaineers  are reluctant to hire a coach or guide, but this century has seen even more interest in winter mountaineering courses. Modern techniques, equipment and opportunities to train have brought many classic climbs within the reach of a fit hill walker. Given good conditions, many indoor climbers have transferred their skills to the high cliffs of the Ben and the Buchaille. Using an instructor, coach or guide will improve confidence, speed and safety.

All staff train regularly to respond effectively to first aid emergencies in remote mountain areas. Please share any personal history you feel they should know before shouldering a coil of rope. However, please note that mountaineering is dangerous and could lead to injury or death!

Statistically, this is highest when travelling rather than when participating.  Please ensure you have sufficient insurance against cancellation and injury. The best way to ensure a long and happy life in the hills is quite simple. Gain a thorough understanding of mountain hazards, climb high with care, and go mountaineering with as many different people as you can.