Booking, Terms and Conditions

Getting the most out of your time in the hills is something we take very seriously. Our fees are based on £180 per day, plus all reasonable expenses. Persuading a friend to accompany you is an ideal way to reduce the financial pain but consider attending a subsidised national centre with larger ratios if you are concerned about the increased costs of travel and accommodation in the highlands. Allow an additional £20/person/day but be aware that the range of routes and personalised instruction may be reduced.

Please read these notes carefully and feel free to ask any questions that come to mind, however trivial they might at first appear…

1.  A deposit of 10% of the total guiding / course fee is required to confirm your booking.
2.  Deposits will be refunded in full if the booking is cancelled more than 4 weeks (28 days) before the start of the course.
3.  The balance of fee is due for payment 2 weeks beforehand . If fees are not received by then we have no obligation to hold your reservation.
4.  In the event of late cancellation up to 2 weeks (14 days) before commencement we will refund 50% of the total fee; thereafter no refunds can be made. Cancellation insurance cover is highly recommended.
5.  In the unlikely event that we have to cancel then all monies paid to us will be refunded. An appropriately qualified and insured colleague will ensure your holiday plans are uninterrupted..
6.  At least two bookings are required for foreign courses to go ahead at the advertised price. In the unlikely event that one person cancels 28 days beforehand and our direct mailing fails to attract another client we will outline any additional costs at the earliest opportunity.
7.  Our Professional Liability is underwritten by Perkins Slade Ltd to the level of £5,000,000.  Drivers and vehicles are fully insured, except on private roads!
8.  Whilst we offer highly professional care and safety advice, mountaineering involves us accepting objective risk and responsibility for the consequences of our own actions. Please forward this page to every member of your party to ensure realistic expectations.
9.  We reserve the right to modify our itinerary as and when undisclosed medical histories come to light, adversely affecting our speed and safety.
10.  We make every effort to fulfil people’s personal aspirations but will only do so if it is safe to do so. Mountaineering is a dangerous activity and a life is worth more than a route or a summit!

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